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Marquis Yachts for Sale - We can help you locate and purchase a used Marquis Yacht - Marquis 720, Marquis 720 Flybridge, Marquis 690, Marquis 65, Marquis 630, 600, 560, 500, 420 Sport Coupe or 420 Sedan Bridge.

The Marquis 720 is an expansive and substantial vessel. It offers opulent living accommodations on three separate decks providing the owners and their guests with a widely variable selection of living and entertaining environments.

The Marquis 720 Fly Bridge reflects contemporary European design influence envisioned by Valentina Zannier of Venice, Italy. Ms. Zannier has directed the interior layout, design, and fine detailing of several recently built mega yachts. Her yacht design expertise is evident throughout this dramatic new Marquis.

The Marquis 690 represents the perfect blend of elegant Italian design with quality American craftsmanship. Her distinctive profile is enhanced by the luxury that surrounds all those aboard. Lavish amenities, welcoming spaces and striking décor combine to give you and your guests an incomparable yachting experience.

Marquis was pleased to unveil the exciting 630 Sport Yacht, which boasts a design pedigree developed from the creative minds of the Marquis design team. This breathtaking sport yacht carries the distinctive profile and integrated interior layout that makes Marquis Sport Yachts a symbol of prestige throughout the world.

With world-class design and handcrafted construction, the Marquis 600 has defined the new standard of luxury. This yacht represents an innovative new level of yachting combining contemporary European look with American components and systems.

Contemporary elegance defines the character of the Marquis 560. Beyond her sleek curves, modern styling and stunning beauty there is a grace and elegance that no other yacht can match. Innovative use of space, gorgeous hardwood cabinetry and custom crafted stainless steel accents, with the Marquis 560 you get a presence and presentation that is usually found in much larger yachts.

The Marquis 500 Sport Coupe is a yacht created by Marquis, America’s foremost builder of premium quality yachts. The result is a trend setting sport coupe with styling, quality and performance that will stand out in any port throughout the world.

The 500  Sport Bridge is a recent creation from the American Marquis yacht yard.  This is a very special vessel.   Every last detail has been scrutinized to reflect  Marquis  Yacht’s outstanding reputation for obsessive attention to design detail and unmatched yacht construction quality.

The Marquis 420 Sport Coupe is the combined result of Italian naval architectural style and the American yacht manufacturer Marquis Yachts. This new yacht has brought to life a combined vision of an open boat that not only looks amazing and is built to perfection but also provides its operator and passengers with thrilling performance. Built around Volvo’s innovative IPS propulsion system the Marquis 420 Sport Coupe delivers an exhilarating ride at speeds in excess of 40 mph. The addition of the IPS Joystick allows the operator to confidently maneuver the yacht in tight quarters while docking.

The 420 Sport Bridge is a highly styled, ultra premium quality vessel that features a sleek, spacious and comfortable bridge.

Neff Yacht Sales is your Premier Yacht Brokerage for buying and selling Used Marquis. We have the largest selection of used Marquis express and flybridge boats online anywhere. We specialize in Used Marquis Yachts and are happy to provide you with a complete market report for any new or used Marquis today. On our website you can view complete specifications and photos of every Marquis available for Sale and for Yacht Charter. If there is a particular Used Marquis yacht you are interested in please let us know, even if it is not listed here! Used Marquis Yachts are our passion!

Marquis boats have won several awards, including the Cannes World Yacht Trophy, the 2008 NMMA Customer Satisfaction Award, and the Middle East Yachting Award. It touts its stylish design and i s often associated with wealth. Marquis boats are much bigger than many other yachts, and even its smaller boats can sleep six people.

Its international headquarters are in Monte Carlo , and it is designed by Nuvolari - Lenard Design, which is b ased in Venice.


Newer Marquis boats are generally priced around $1,500,000 and up, depending on the model and size. Older and used models can also be found online from $750,000.


  • Marquis Yachts is staffed with experienced engineers and modelers.
  • Marquis Yachts offers a 10-year warranty on the hull and deck structure, as well as five yeas against osmotic blistering and a two-year c omprehensive limited warranty .
  • The company has won a wide variety of awards.
  • All of the Marquis boats are pretty big, including the Marquis 420 Sport Coupe. The 420 is almost 44 feet long, has a fuel capacity of about 300 gallons, and weighs 31,000 pounds.

Featured Models

Marquis boats come in nine different models: the 420 SC, the 500 SC, the 500 SB, the 520, the 560, the 600, the 690, the 720 tri-deck, and the 720 fly-bridge.

The 420 is about 44 feet long, has a 14-foot bridge clearance, weighs about 31,000 pounds, and has a fuel system of up to 300 gallons. It also sleeps as many as 6 people.

The other options are even bigger. For example, the Marquis Yacht 690 is 70 feet long, has a 24’ 5”'d3 bridge clearance, weights 47 tons, and has a fuel system of up to 1,200 gallons.

Still not big enough? The Marquis Yacht 720 is 72 feet long, has a bridge clearance of 24’ 5”'d3, a fuel system with up to 1,300 gallons, and weighs 54.5 tons.


Those interested in large , comfortable craft should consider purchasing a Marquis boat. These boats are generally good for experienced sailors or fishermen, and for people who want to spend time entertaining guests while at sea.