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Feadship Yachts for Sale Listings

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About Feadship Yachts for Sale

We have Centrally listed and Sold Feadship Yachts, including the 40m Feadship Seaflower, several times. 

Neff Yacht Sales is your Premier Yacht Brokerage for buying and selling New and Used Feadship Yachts. We have the largest selection of Feadship Yachts online anywhere. We specialize in Used Feadships and are happy to provide you with a complete market report for any new or used Feadship available today.  On our website you can view complete specifications and photos of every Feadship available for sale and for Yacht Charter. If there is a particular Feadship you are interested in please let us know, even if it is not listed here!


Feadship Build List

Year Builder FEADSHIP YACHT BUILD LIST Length in Meters
2012 Feadship Venus 78.2m
2012 Feadship Hampshire II 78.5m
2011 Feadship Lady Britt 63,00m
2011 Feadship Tango 77,70m
2011 Feadship Air 81,00m
2011 Feadship Drizzle 67.27m
2011 Feadship Helix 44.65m
2011 Feadship Musashi 87.78m
2010 Feadship Kahalani 55,05m
2010 Feadship Lady Christine 68,00m
2010 Feadship Odyssey 41.1m
2010 Feadship Pestifer 65m
2010 Feadship Go 39m
2010 Feadship Gladiator 44,65m
2009 Feadship Kathleen Anne 39,00m
2009 Feadship Ocean Victory 75,75m
2009 Feadship Hurricane Run 53,50m
2009 Feadship Trident 65,22m
2008 Feadship Predator 72,80m
2008 Feadship Archimedes 67,75m
2008 Feadship Ocean Mercury 39,00m
2008 Feadship TV' 44,65m
2007 Feadship Secret (renamedMajestic) 61,21m
2007 Feadship Anna 67,00m
2007 Feadship Space 45,00m
2007 Feadship Harle 45,00m
2006 Feadship April Fool 60,96m
2006 Feadship Callisto 65,20m
2006 Feadship Gallant Lady VI 51,21m
2005 Feadship Twizzle (renamedDrizzle) 55,50m
2005 Feadship Blue Moon 60,35m
2005 Feadship Rasselas 62,00m
2004 Feadship Rahal 46,50m
2004 Feadship Ecstasea 86,00m
2004 Feadship Utopia 71,60m
2004 Feadship High Chaparral 49,99m
2003 Feadship Andiamo 42,56m
2003 Feadship Wedge Two 65,00m
2003 Feadship Katrion 38,55m
2003 Feadship Dream 51,75m
2002 Feadship Paraffin 60,10m
2002 Feadship Seaflower * - Sold by Jared Neff twice! 40,00m
2002 Feadship Olympia 57,00m
2001 Feadship Northern Light 46,00m
2001 Feadship Barbara Jean(renamedHampshire) 56,50m
2001 Feadship Detroit Eagle(renamed Sea Racer) 46,63m
2000 Feadship Blue Moon II(renamed Déjà Vu) 50,28m
2000 Feadship Kisses 53,34m
2000 Feadship Cakewalk (renamedFortunato) 62,30m
1999 Feadship Excellence II(renamed Princess K) 47,50m
1999 Feadship Lady Marina 63,95m
1998 Feadship Iroquois 49,99m
1998 Feadship Sussurro 49,50m
1998 Feadship Ulysses (renamedTeleost) 48,80m
1998 Feadship Solemates(renamed Ostar) 52,00m
1997 Feadship Quintessence(renamedDaybreak) 46,70m
1997 Feadship Irina (renamedLiberty GB) 39,05m
1997 Feadship Katrion (renamedNoa VII) 48,20m
1997 Feadship Sea Sedan(renamed Huntress) 55,00m
1997 Feadship Masquerade 30,00m
1996 Feadship Tits / Claire(renamed Samax) 55,00m
1996 Feadship Méduse 60,60m
1996 Feadship Vava 47,30m
1995 Feadship White Rabbit(renamed Pegasus) 49,38m
1995 Feadship Gallant Lady V 52,46m
1995 Feadship Battered Bull 52,15m
1994 Feadship Tatasu 47,50m
1994 Feadship Rora V (renamedSanora) 44,00m
1994 Feadship Yemoja (renamedHud Hud) 46,90m
1994 Feadship Rasselas (renamedTime For Us) 52,00m
1993 Feadship Enterprise V 51,20m
1993 Feadship Sea Sedan(renamed Kahalani) 43,00m
1993 Feadship Lady Beatrice 60,00m
1993 Feadship Double Haven 51,00m
1992 Feadship Aurora 49,99m
1992 Feadship Mylin IV 61,00m
1992 Feadship Gallant Lady IV(renamed Never Enough) 39,62m
1991 Feadship Carmac VII(renamed Lady Allison) 45,72m
1991 Feadship Our Toy 36,45m
1991 Feadship Siran 63,63m
1990 Feadship Mi Gaea (renamedInevitable) 47,30m
1990 Feadship Charade 46,88m
1990 Feadship Alfa Alfa (renamedMarion Queen) 45,55m
1990 Feadship Virginian 62,23m
1989 Feadship Faribana (renamedAllegra) 41,75m
1989 Feadship White Rabbit(renamed Odyssey) 38,12m
1989 Feadship September Blue(renamed Tugatsu) 42,50m
1989 Feadship Pharaon 55,00m
1989 Feadship Anastasia Ve(renamedQuintessa) 46,50m
1988 Feadship Gallant Lady III(renamed Ice Bear) 50,90m
1988 Feadship Impromptu(renamed Major Wager) 43,43m
1988 Feadship Easy to Love(renamed Athina II) 43,00m
1988 Feadship Patricia (renamedElizabeth) 21,48m
1988 Feadship Gallant Lady IV(renamed Ozark Lady) 35,35m
1987 Feadship Roverling (renamedNepenthe) 33,68m
1987 Feadship Sea Jewel(renamed Time For Us) 44,00m
1987 Feadship Fiffanella (renamedKingfisher) 40,44m
1987 Feadship Confidante(renamed Audacia) 43,43m
1986 Feadship Highlander 46,00m
1986 Feadship Paminusch(renamed Montigne) 43,95m
1986 Feadship Cacique (renamedCalixe) 55,10m
1986 Feadship Cedar Sea II 63,60m
1986 Feadship Excellence(renamed Golden Rule) 38,71m
1986 Feadship Varmar Ve 55,50m
1985 Feadship Gallant Lady II(renamed Sea Ghost) 40,07m
1985 Feadship Enterprise IV(renamedCharisma) 45,37m
1984 Feadship Rio Rita 52,00m
1984 Feadship Orion 37,95m
1984 Feadship Bridlewood(renamedDreamseeker) 42,31m
1984 Feadship Gallant Lady I 26,62m
1983 Feadship New Horizon L(renamed White Cloud) 59,95m
1983 Feadship Azteca (renamedLionwind) 44,80m
1983 Feadship Circus II (renamedMasquerade) 42,35m
1983 Feadship Paraiso 46,60m
1983 Feadship Pharaon (renamedIllusion) 50,65m
1982 Feadship Cacique 37,49m
1982 Feadship Kalinga 50,65m
1982 Feadship Paminusch(renamedStrangelove) 45,80m
1982 Feadship Synthesis (renamedHalcyon) 40,23m
1981 Feadship My Gail II (renamedRamses) 43,15m
1981 Feadship Carmac VI(renamed King K) 41,70m
1981 Feadship Arkan 36,00m
1980 Feadship Enterprise(renamed Seagull) 40,00m
1980 Feadship Abu Al Abyadh 51,25m
1980 Feadship Dhafir 40,50m
1979 Feadship Diana II (renamedNara) 60,55m
1979 Feadship Karina C 34,50m
1979 Feadship Wedge One(renamed Avanti IV,Daria, Elizabeth F) 48,00m
1978 Feadship Al Riyadh 64,64m
1978 Feadship Claybeth (renamedSireneuse) 38,40m
1977 Feadship Maria' 22,86m
1977 Feadship Impetuous 25,91m
1976 Feadship Cheops 17,50m
1975 Feadship Ogina Bereton 50,00m
1975 Feadship Lac II 39,88m
1974 Feadship Bluemar II 38,00m
1974 Feadship Emerald K 36,60m
1974 Feadship Amphitrite 28,30m
1974 Feadship Shalimar 28,35m
1973 Feadship Passage II 35,38m
1973 Feadship Prosit 33,55m
1973 Feadship Big R (renamedSecret Life) 45,00m
1973 Feadship Almare 18,50m
1972 Feadship Dora B 31,12m
1972 Feadship Rob II 23,85m
1972 Feadship Aldebaran 32,22m
1971 Feadship Kapal 26,01m
1971 Feadship Al-Direiyah 27,76m
1971 Feadship 'Blackhawk 37,55m
1971 Feadship Carronada 26,85m
1970 Feadship Pakeha 33,00m
1970 Feadship Intent 36,80m
1970 Feadship Jean Marie 27,76m
1970 Feadship Jardell 35,42m
1969 Feadship Prosit 30,10m
1969 Feadship Morana 25,80m
1969 Feadship Din-Dina 25,80m
1968 Feadship Ute 22,30m
1968 Feadship Ale II 24,50m
1968 Feadship Mi-Do II 17,26m
1967 Feadship Karimor V 32,74m
1967 Feadship Sirena 17,80m
1967 Feadship Tartar 26,82m
1966 Feadship Katja 16,85m
1966 Feadship Sirocco 25,80m
1966 Feadship Westlak (renamedAntarctica) 44,80m
1965 Feadship Caravelle 22,50m
1965 Feadship Marielaur 16,50m
1964 Feadship El Galgo II 22,50m
1964 Feadship Exact 26,35m
1964 Feadship Sea Harmony 26,35m
1964 Feadship Najade 28,10m
1963 Feadship Atlantic 26,78m
1963 Feadship Ocepa 32,85m
1963 Feadship Santa Maria 32,90m
1962 Feadship Tasna 14,00m
1961 Feadship Maracas Bay 10,30m
1961 Feadship Tiky 18,00m
1961 Feadship Sylvia 20,00m
1960 Feadship Aljazi 20,00m
1960 Feadship Ancor 18,60m
1960 Feadship Tradewinds 9,25m
1960 Feadship Carola 13,75m
1960 Feadship Camargo IV 35,05m
1959 Feadship Trio 11,00m
1959 Feadship Oceanus II 19,00m
1958 Feadship Beatrix 14,00m
1957 Feadship De Vrouwe Christina 24.4 m (plus 8 ft bowsprit)m
1957 Feadship Sirocco 25,00m
1956 Feadship Champbell 27,43m
1956 Feadship Ola 20,33m
1956 Feadship DSV 19,84m
1956 Feadship De zwerver 17,30m
1955 Feadship Goodwin 11,00m
1955 Feadship Calypso 18,40m
1955 Feadship Gladys II 19,81m
1955 Feadship Gerelbo II 16,76m
1954 Feadship Roberta (Hull #35) renamed Zeegodin 18,29m
1954 Feadship Dutch Treat 12,00m
1953 Feadship Serano II Hull ID#502359 renamed Notorious 25,3m
1953 Feadship Capri build #517 Renamed Alisand III 16,76m
1953 Feadship Ventura 22,86m
1953 Feadship Olga II 29.57m
1952 Feadship Bramar 19,56m
1952 Feadship Rubato 19,00m
1952 Feadship Jo-Ed 13,35m
1952 Feadship Linda Anne 13,35m
1952 Feadship Brigand 17,07m
1951 Feadship Pampus 6.7m
1950 Feadship Rotterdam 20,00m
1949 Feadship Feadship founded 1949 - Vessels built after this date are "Feadships"
1948 Feadship Ibis 13,00m
1948 Feadship Waterlelie 11,00m
1939 Feadship Sultan 29,00m
1939 Feadship Iduna 30,00m
1939 Feadship Zephyr 15,00m
1938 Feadship Tirrena 26,00m
1938 Feadship Schollevaer 13,24m
1938 Feadship Corabia II 14,00m
1937 Feadship KPM 9,14m
1936 Feadship De Noorman 9,00m
1935 Feadship Ramsar 14,50m
1934 Feadship Stern 10,20m
1934 Feadship Raram 13,60m
1931 Feadship Refuge 11,80m
1920 Feadship Super 14,00m